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Specialty intermediates

Specialty Intermediates and Ingredients for Pharmaceuticals and Agrochemical Compounds

AGC’s parent company Asahi Glass is uniquely positioned as a pharmaceutical and agrochemical intermediate producer with expertise in fluorine chemistry. These compounds, known to possess useful bioactivity, are found in a variety of markets including pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and polymers.

Our company provides various fluorine-containing building blocks such as fluoroanilines or fluoro benzoic acids. AGC can supply more advanced specialty intermediates and bulk pharmaceuticals combined with other general reactions including:

  • Hydrogenation
  • Friedel-Crafts reaction
  • Bromination
  • Nitration
  • Grignard reaction

AGC fluorochemical experts can conduct ultra-low temperature reactions and also produce GMPs .

Fluoro Intermediates

AGC manufactures specialty intermediates based on perfluorohexyl chemistry including:

  • Perfluorohexyl iodide
  • 2-perfluorohexyl ethyl iodide
  • 2 perfluorohexyl ethyl methacrylate

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Intermediates and Ingredients for Pharmaceuticals and Agrochemical Compounds

  • Variety of fluorinated building blocks and fluorination technologies
  • Handling of F2 gas and fluorinated compounds
  • cGMP facility and API manufacturing
  • Ultra Low Temperature by -100 °C
  • High quality C3 compounds
  • Metallocene co-catalysts

Fluoro Intermediates:

  • C6 compounds made with high purity and consistent quality